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Thailand secured the first medal of in Dressage Team competition

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Thailand secured the first medal of FEI Asian Championships Pattaya 2019 in Dressage Team competition today in their home country.

Chinese Taipei Team and Indonesian Team came in Second and Third place. Biggest congratulations to Thailand and the home crowds!!

The excitement is starting to building up as Individual competition (Intermediate I) resume tomorrow at 2.30pm. Many strong combinations we've seen today. Korean rider Dongheon Nam took the top score 68.353%, followed by Asian Games Bronze medalist Larasati Gading 67.441% and Arinadtha Chavatanont 67.265%. No scores from Team competition will be counting towards Individual round!

Schedule & Results:

Stay tuned for more updates!!

盛装舞步团体赛泰国队夺冠,中国骑手饶嘉怡名列第六名! 12月1日,第一届国际马联(FEI)亚洲锦标赛迎来了第一场比赛——盛装舞步团体赛。最终,泰国队获得金牌,中国台北队获得银牌,印度尼西亚队获得铜牌。中国骑手饶嘉怡名列第六名。 在赛后的新闻发布会上,泰国队的四位队员纷纷表达了对各方支持的感激及对共同作战的马匹的感谢,并表达了在自己的国家代表泰国夺得金牌的荣耀与欣喜之情。 盛装舞步个人赛(Intermediate I)将于明日下午2:30分举行,届时,来自亚洲多个国家的优秀骑手将携爱马出战。金牌将花落谁家,让我们拭目以待。 Company:天星调良马术(Equuleus Corp.) Author:张荔(Zhang Li)

L-R: Chef d'equipe Col. Vithai Laithomya, Pakjira Thongpakdi, HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya, Arinadtha Chavatanont, Apisada Bannagijsophon

HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya & Prince Charming WPA

German-based rider from Korea, Dongheon Nam & First Edition 9 took the top score in Dressage Team competition at 68.353%.

Indonesian Dressage Queen Larasati Gading was coming back strong with her long time partner Diamond Boy 8. Team Indonesia won Silver medal in Dressage Team Competition.

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