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Three Top Asian riders mastered their skills in Cross Country

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Three top riders mastered their skills in Cross Country with a clear round. Arinadtha Chavatanont led Day 2 of Eventing competition after her clear round with Tzar of Her Dreams in the Cross Country, with 31.8 penalties. Hong Kong rider Patrick Lam riding his 2018 Asian Games 2018 horse Weronique were in second place with 32 penalties, while Thai rider Korntawat Samran and Ridano Elmy in third with 37.6 penalties. Eight riders now go through to the second horse inspection and show jumping with Thailand’s Preecha Khunjan having been eliminated on cross country.

Team Thailand is still in the lead after the first two day of competitions. The final jumping phase is scheduled on Thursday 5th December at 3pm.

12月4日,在亚锦赛三项赛越野赛的比赛中,泰国骑手Arinadtha Chavatanont以0罚分完赛,总罚分31.8跃居排行榜第一名。中国香港骑手林立信以0.8罚分,总罚分32.0位列第二名,泰国骑手Korntawat Samran以7.2罚分,总罚分37.6位列第三名。

Author: 天星调良马术(Equuleus International Corp.) 张荔(Zhang Li)



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